BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern CA

BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California (MOA #9 & RA #11)

Monthly Sunday Breakfast Rides as well as Monthly Tours and Campouts

Second Sunday Breakfast Ride

NorCal meets for breakfast at 8 AM in different restaurants around the Bay Area usually on the 2nd Sunday each month.  After breakfast, around 9 AM,  we go for ride which normally finishes around 1:00 PM. We provide paper and GPS routes.  

Monthly Tours and Camp Outs

NorCal provides members with opportunities to ride and experience California off the beaten track.  We hold meetings on the last full weekend of each month (except December and May) at different campgrounds in the Northern California and Nevada areas. These monthly camp outs have been described by some members as mini-vacations.

Membership is not required in order to participate in our events. ALL riders are welcomed.

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Upcoming Club Events

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August 29, 2014 Range of Light Gypsy Tour Tickets

September 27, 2014 SongDog Tour, Meeting, and Campout RSVP