BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California, MOA Charter 9 & RA Charter 11

The BMW Club of Northern California is celebrating it's 52nd year in 2017.  The last weekend of the month is our long tour, member meeting, and overnight campout somewhere in the greater Northern California and Nevada areas.  Membership is not required in order to participate in our events. ALL riders are welcome and encouraged to attend our events!

Next Meeting & Campout!

Nominations for the 2018 Board of Directors!

President - Chris Dailey, John Notch, Greg Hutchinson (Dan Rowe & Buddy Scauzzo - decline)

Vice President - Bill Lopez (John Vashon - decline)

Secretary - Cristine Cearing (John Ellis decline)

Treasurer - Kevin Coleman, Oliver Wright

Tour Captain - Nick Gloyd (Fred Montano - decline)

Historian - Richard Burton, Fred Montano

Safety Tech - Jorgen Larsen, Chris Dailey

What's New?

Upcoming Events!


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